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Puppy training to sit

Group Class Puppy Preschool

For puppies who are 8 to 14 weeks old. Training & Socialisation Class. It’s the best in the west.

Puppy Plus
In home puppy trainer

For puppies who are 8 to 16 weeks old. An in home puppy management and training experience. 5 hours in home training on one day for specific puppy problems.

kindy puppy training course

Group Class Kindy Puppy Training

For puppies who are 15 to 20 weeks old. Blended Training and socialisation class.

In home dog behavioural training

In Home Bespoke Dog Training Package

For puppies and dogs of all ages. Get tailored training just for you. All manners and obedience training. Focus on what matters most to you.

General In home puppy training

For puppies who are 8 to 20 weeks old. The “group class curriculum” delivered 1 on 1, in home.

Aggressive dog growling and snarling

Behavioural Consultation & Behaviour Modification

Looking for a behaviourist? For problem behaviours that involve aggression, fear & anxiety. Behaviours that are abnormal and pose a risk to health and safety.

Online Training