Councils (and their constituents), Veterinarian Clinics, Groomers, Shelters, Rescues, Schools and even Pet Shops – we are all stakeholders in the welfare of animals in our community.

I can design and present bespoke educational topics to all stakeholders, their employees or clients.

Why work with Miss Behaviour?

Working collaboratively or outsourcing has many benefits.

  • Allows more time to strengthen your core business processes or offerings
  • Reduce costs
  • Using skilled expertise or a specialist allow for tasks to be completed faster and with better quality output
  • Enables you to plan and execute more effective, targeted projects that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to take on, and reach other markets
  • Share information and share best practice
  • Innovate products and services

I want to influence the attitudes and behaviour or people towards animals in a positive way through education.

I’m a Canine behaviour and training specialist, skilled, qualified and insured. I employ only humane, scientific, tested and trusted methods to animal care and training in reliable and safe way.

Some examples of educational topics include:

Companion Animal Selection
Are you ready for a dog? What you need to know. Includes breed selection and more.
Responsible Pet Ownership
Provide Basic Care of Dogs. Complying with the Companion Animals Act and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and more
Dog Bite Safety
For school aged children. How to greet a dog, is this dog friendly, how to behave around dogs and more.
Dog Body Language
For everyone – how dogs communicate. Know what your dog is trying to tell you.
Nuisance Barking
Why dogs bark and what to do about it
Basic Training and Behaviour
How dogs learn and how best to train them. Handling and training dogs for grooming and veterinary procedures.