Picture of a labrador puppy with kitten
Puppy Preschool, Socialisation or Online Only


Fun, informative, effective and safe. Group dog training classes for puppies 2 - 4 months old in Preschool Learn More
Kindy is for 4-6 months old.


A group class for older puppies who might have missed out on preschool. 4 - 6 month olds Learn More
Big School is for 6-12 month old adolescents

Big School

Got a terrible teen? Pup didn't grow out of trouble? Missed early training? This class is for 6 - 12 month olds Learn More


I'm here to help you train the dog you want to live with. With a unique offering of training and behaviour modification options, you will find a service to suit your needs. Did you know that dog training is an unregulated industry? Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer and do pretty much anything to your dog with no accountability. Rest assured, that Miss Behaviour has a nationally recognised qualification and is a member of professional bodies bound by a code of ethics. Don't you and your dog deserve the best?
Dog training is unregulated
Protect the one you love. Invest in a professional qualified force canine behaviour consultant
Group Class or Private Tuition

Private Training

Private training for puppies through to adults. In your home or my location. Teach your dog good manners. Learn More
Behaviour Consultations

Behavioural Cases

Dogs with more serious behavioural problems require expert professional advice. Aggression, separation anxiety, fears and phobias can all be treated humanely and effectively. Learn More
Responsible Pet Ownership & More

Education Services

Presentations for councils, vets, groomers, pet shops, shelters and schools. Events for shows, fairs, markets. Content and article writing for news and other pet industry organisations. Learn More