Update on Puppy Training Options

The facilities that I hire are still closed from COVID-19 restrictions.

I have completed the Coronavirus Infection Control Training and my business is registered as COVID-SAFE. Therefore, as soon as the facilities are available to hire again indoor group classes, and outdoor group classes will resume straight away.

Please join the wait list to be notified when training resumes in St Clair or Hebersham

Do you need some training right now?

You can do an online puppy preschool course at our own pace.

I can still do in home one on one training.

If you live in the Penrith LGA I have a very special deal for puppy training. I will personally guide you through the puppy preschool program one on one in your own home. Heavily discounted compared to standard one off dog training lessons. Contact me and let me know your puppy’s age and your suburb so that I can do you a deal.