Kong Puppy Medium

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Kong Puppy Medium

Kong Puppy Medium is the same shape and size as the classic red coloured Kong. But made for puppies.
Puppies have 28 baby teeth that erupt through the gums, sometimes causing pain. Chewing soft rubber helps to alleviate teething pain. It also promotes good chewing choices. Teach your puppy to chew on their Kong – not your furniture and other objects.

  • Suitable for puppies
  • Also suitable for beginners and light chewers
  • Designed for puppy teeth and gums
  • Softest  rubber
  • Comes in blue and pink colours (unfortunately colour selection is not available)
  • Kong Puppy Medium is suitable for dogs 7 to 16 kg

Kong’s are a durable rubber toy that can help you with a variety of different problems:

  • Chewing
  • Teething
  • Separation
  • Independence training
  • Boredom
  • Weight management
  • Crate training
  • Digging and barking
  • Distraction for scary events like thunderstorms and fireworks

As your dog gets their full adult teeth. Gets stronger. Grows bigger. Becomes an expert Kong chewer. You can upgrade your Kong to a bigger size or different style. The red classic is for average chewers. The black extreme is for power chewers.

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