Dog Training Treat Bag


Comes in blue only. “One size fits all” with adjustable strap or using the waist clip.


Dog Training Treat Bag

Professional hands free dog training treat bag from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia. Excellent value and quality that cannot be beaten by treat bags or pouches sold at big online retailers.

It comes with a belt that goes around the waist and easily buckles up. This can be removed however, and you can opt to use the clip to attach it to your pants, pocket or belt instead.

Sturdy hinges hold the bag open for easy access when you’re training and stays open when you want it to. It has a large opening so you don’t struggle with getting your hand in there and getting the food you need. With just a tap it closes shut so you don’t spill your food or have it stolen by a sneaky dog!

There’s a small pocket on the front for ID, keys or poo bags. You can use in class for training and take it on walks with you too.

Stop stuffing your pockets with treats and bags! Using this APDT bag is a better way to train and to walk your dog with.

Frequently purchased with the dog training clicker