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Teen Manners – Group Dog Training Class


Fun, informative, effective and safe. Small class sizes to maximise you and your dog’s learning potential.

Teen Manners is a group class for dogs 6 to 9 months old. Run exclusively for my puppy preschool and Kindy graduates.

(If your puppy is 4 to 6 months old try Kindy Class. If your dog is older than 6 months old and you are not a former graduate of Preschool Or Kindy try our Levels Training Program.)

Your puppy was so small and adorable, they slept a lot, followed you around and you were the centre of their world. Now they have more energy and they’ve grown larger, they might look like they’re an adult but they’ve still got an adolescent brain. And suddenly the rest of their universe is infinitely more interesting than you. Maybe they seem to forget what they’ve been taught. Are you beginning to think they have selective hearing? Fortunately it doesn’t need to stay this way. Let me show you how to stay on the right track.

Continued training and socialisation is important during this period. Coming to class allows you and your dog to safely be in a new environment with new dogs and new people and learn new things.

At the end of the course you will be able to understand how:

  • Dogs learn
  • To get your dogs attention
  • Dogs communicate
  • To teach basic obedience behaviours

Behaviours you will learn include:

  • Answer to their name
  • Give attention
  • Sit for greetings
  • Come when called
  • Walk on a leash
  • Settle in their place (on a mat)
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Leave it / Take it

If you’re still having trouble we also cover how to handle nuisance problems like nipping, chewing, jumping up, toilet training or housetraining and provide advice on continued socialisation.