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Reactive Rovers – Group Dog Training Class

This class is for dogs who may growl, bark, lunge or jump around at the end of their leash whilst on walks at other dogs. Whether your dog is feisty on leash but friendly off leash – this class could be for you.

There’s no need to be too embarrassed or too scared to take your dog for a walk anymore.

Set in a safe controlled environment, the class has a maximum of 4 participants. The classes are encouraging and supportive, your class mates will share the same issues and we help each other.

At the end of the course you will be able to understand:

  • How dogs learn
  • How to get your dogs attention
  • How dogs communicate
  • How to ‘read’ your own dog
  • Why your dog might be reactive
  • How to reduce stress

Behaviours and skills you will learn include:

  • Leash handling skills
  • Walking skills
  • Management techniques
  • Emergency responses
  • Focus
  • Settle/Relax

Both human and dog will build confidence and trust in one another. We start off behind barriers where the dogs cannot see each other and work on foundation exercises. Then as your skills develop and your dogs behaviour starts to change, we slowly begin working the dogs from out of the barriers at a distance they’re comfortable with and progress to real life scenarios. We will only work at a pace that suits you and your dog.

Are you ready for some relief? From dread to joy, this class can change the way you and your dog feel about walkies.