Puppy Preschool

Preventing problems is better than solving them later. Puppy preschool is like a behavioural vaccination for your puppy. But only if it's done right. Puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks old.

Kindy Class

Whoops, did you miss going to a puppy preschool? Got puppy problems? This class is especially designed for puppies who are 16 weeks to 24 weeks old and missed going to puppy preschool.

Teen Manners

Uh oh what happened to that adorable little puppy? Is your dog going through the terrible teens? A class designed for dogs who are 6 months to 9 months old. Exclusive for puppy preschool and kindy class graduates.

Levels Training Membership Program

For dogs over 6 months old. Would you like a dog with good manners?

Buy a membership training package that suits you.
Time poor and just want the basics? That's OK. Love hanging out with your dog every week in class? We've got you covered.

Come to class as much as your membership entitles you to and work through the levels at your pace.
Everyone starts in level 1 and as you progress your skills you move into the next level class. There is no pressure to progress. The more you train the more you learn and the further you can go if you need that for you and your dog.

Reactive Rovers

Does your dog bark, growl, pull or lunge on leash at other dogs on a walk? This course is designed to teach owner's how to handle their reactive dogs. If your dog is normally friendly off-leash, but you have a hard time on walks this course could be for you.

Not sure which class is right for you?

Get in touch via the CONTACT PAGE if you would like more information. You can also book a time to receive a phone call.