Scoop the poop!

For the love of dog, pick it up.

Certainly, a person pooping on your lawn  is far more disturbing than a dog pooping on your lawn, but in both instances the poop could be scooped up in a plastic bag and disposed of in the next available bin by the person doing the pooping or responsible for the dog they’re with.

Seriously, it’s not that gross. I poop, you poop, we all poop. Poo is a part of our daily lives and if you’re with a baby or small child you’ll be cleaning up the poo already. Doggy doo is no different. It needs to be cleaned up.

So why do some dog owners not pick up their dog’s poop? In one survey owners were less likely to pick up poop if they thought that no one was watching. Seems like it could be a matter of social pressure.

You would be totally outraged if a person came and pooped on your lawn, and equally outraged when they didn’t pick it up. So why would you treat your dog pooping any different?

For the sake of being sanitary and a good neighbour, please scoop your dogs poop. Poo left on the ground is a greater health and environmental risk vs picking it up fresh and disposing of it. Plus it is a totally unpleasant sight, and smell, especially when stepped in, and deters others from visiting recreational areas when poo is left on the ground (which quite possibly could have further health or economic impacts).

According to the Google, 5000 germs live on your hands at any given time. And I know plenty of people who go to the toilet and don’t wash their hands afterwards, then touch food storage and preparation areas and eat.
So what I’m saying is there’s no need to be grossed out by your dogs poo*. If you just pick it up in a plastic bag and santise your hands afterwards, all will be well.
*You should regularly treat your dog for intestinal worms – speak to your vet who can recommend the best worming treatments for your dog.

Still not convinced? In NSW If you fail to pick up after your dog, you or the person in charge of the dog at the time may be liable for a maximum penalty of $880.

If you’re out walking your dog, take an extra bag with you in case you see someone about to do a runner, offer them the bag and tell them not to be embarrassed they forgot their bag this time because you’re sure they’ll remember it next time.
When more of us do the right thing and pick up after our dogs, the more social pressure there is on those who choose not to. Make picking up poop the new normal.

Oh ps – if you like the 90s hit song No Diggity you’re in for a real treat

You’re Welcome!

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