Puppy training courses with a puppy training specialist

Yes, we’re open for puppy training

Puppy training courses are available on an ongoing basis. We’ve got puppy preschool and older puppy training. So don’t miss out on the crucial early training and socialisation your puppy needs.

There are group classes, and in home puppy training options.

Early training and socialisation can be like a behavioural vaccination for your puppy. But only if it’s done right. That’s why you need a puppy training specialist. And a real canine behaviour expert.

How old will your puppy be when they start training?

Click image to see training options
Click image to see training options

Puppy training courses for puppies who are 8 to 20 weeks old

Whether you have a young puppy or an older puppy, there is a class for you. We’ve got puppy training courses for every stage and every age.
Puppies go through different developmental stages. As they grow up, they change behaviourally.
You need the right advice at the right time. Harness the power of early training and socialisation by joining a puppy training class today.
Turbocharged Training for 8 to 14 week olds
Express puppy preschool for 8 to 14 week olds
Supercharged socialisation for 8 to 16 week olds
Kindy Puppy Training for 15 to 20 week olds

Puppy preschool graduate
Graduate our puppy training programs to have the best puppy now, and the best dog forever

Is your puppy 8 to 14 weeks old?

  • You can try a group class
  • Turbocharged Training Puppy Preschool – flagship course
  • There is also in home training available
Puppy training to sit

Group Puppy Training Class

Turbocharged Puppy preschool. Open enrolment, start anytime subject to capacity. This is the flagship course, with more face to face contact hours and more bonuses. It does usually book out in advance so don’t delay.

In Home Training

Can’t make a group class but don’t want to miss out on all the know how? Yes, still get help with socialisation. Get the puppy preschool course delivered one on one in your home. 4 x 1 hour lessons in home over 5 weeks.

Puppy with family on swing


A special in home service for puppies. Learn directly from the professional when it comes to raising your puppy right. Are you struggling with a few specific issues? E.g. Toilet training, nipping, biting, mouthing – PUPPY PLUS is your saviour.

Puppy preschool puppy training class

Puppy preschool is open enrolment. That means you can start on any Monday or Thursday, subject to capacity.
Puppy preschool is for puppies who are 8 to 14 weeks old. Your puppy must be 8 to 14 weeks old on your start date. That’s not more than 105 days old. If your puppy is older, try the Kindy puppy training class.

Puppy training to sit
The turbocharged puppy training course is open enrolment for 8 to 14 week old puppies

Turbocharged Training Puppy Program

This is the flagship course, with more face to face contact hours and more bonuses. It does usually book out in advance.
If the course is full, or you’re looking to spend a little less, try the express puppy preschool class.

Express Puppy Preschool

Excellent value for money with 6 lessons. Split into 2 streams of training focused Tuesdays. And Socialisation focused Saturdays.

Supercharged Socialisation

Think you’ve got the training down pat? Just want socialisation only? Going to another preschool and want more? Join a supercharged puppy socialisation class. Saturday mornings. No ongoing commitment. Enrol in 1, 2 or 3 classes.
Puppies who are 8 to 16 weeks old. Must be 8 to 16 weeks old on the dates you attend.

Is your puppy 15 to 20 weeks old?

You don’t need to miss out on training and puppy socialisation. See below for the Kindy puppy training course.

Kindy puppy training class

Kindy puppy training is for older puppies. Do you have a puppy who missed out on puppy preschool? Or do you want the best ongoing training and socialisation experience for your puppy?
This class is for puppies who are 15 to 20 weeks old. Your puppy must be 15 to 20 weeks old on your start date.
At the time of writing – The next Kindy puppy training class starts on Tuesday 8th March. Enrolments close Friday 4th March.
Read the class description before you enrol

kindy puppy training course
Kindy puppy training course is for puppies who 15 to 20 weeks old

What happens if you miss early training and socialisation?

Dogs who missed out on puppy preschool run by a real canine behaviour professional are more likely:

  • to be dog-dog aggressive
  • have a fear of objects, sounds, unfamiliar situations
  • and have touch sensitivity e.g. issues with grooming and veterinary examinations

Our puppy preschool teaches your puppy to love other dogs, and still pay attention to you. We have a range of fun, yet safe, socialisation experiences in class. To specifically address confidence around objects, sounds and unfamiliar situations. And grooming and vet visits. Just like the outcomes from the original study

You’ll also get these experiences in the Kindy puppy training program. If your puppy missed out on this training and socialisation before they were 15 weeks old – you’ll be guided on how to do remedial work with your puppy. So they’re not left behind forever.

It’s easier and cheaper to avoid problems before they start. Get your puppy off on the right paw. The best start in life happens when you get professional puppy training now.
It’s expensive and takes time to rectify fear based issues in an older dog. Invest in you and your puppy’s education now, for a better future together.