Online Dog Training

We’re offering more services online

Do you need online dog training now? We’ve always had an online learning platform for:

And we’ve used online Behavioural Consultations and video check ups too.
We have lots of experience using technology to successfully train dogs.

As a result of COVID-19, there are many restrictions on the movement of people and operation of business. Therefore, we’re making public offerings of our online services.

A person using a computer and tablet for online dog training education

Your online dog training options

  • Basic Puppy preschool
  • Standard Puppy preschool
  • Premier Puppy preschool
  • Elite Puppy preschool
  • Behavioural consultations
  • Private dog training coaching

Online Puppy Preschool

We have a lot of online puppy preschool options to suit every budget and ability.

Basic Puppy Preschool

Launching first is Puppy Preschool – Basic.

5 weeks worth of lessons. New lessons open up every week. Follow along at your own pace and time that suits you.

Each week you will get new lessons released containing:

  • An essential obedience cue
  • A helpful problem prevention and solving topic
  • Socialisation theme and ideas
  • Dog communication topic
  • Optional quiz
  • Suggested homework

We have written instructions, supported easy to follow videos – just like we use for our in person puppy preschool class.

  • *Easy to follow videos instructions and helpful written handouts
    *Obedience cues
  • *Problem prevention & solving
    *Socialisation theme & ideas
    *Dog communication
    *Optional quizzes and suggested homework
  • Everything in basic
  • *Weekly discussion thread on themed socialisation
  • *Submit photos for fun and sharing
  • *Submit weekly socialisation video for homework and feedback

  • Basic and Standard Plus:
  • *A Clicker
  • *4 x Weekly live online group video session. Just like our usual ‘in person’ classes!
  • *Live video group coaching – practice obedience and socialisation skills
  • Basic, Standard, Premier features PLUS:

  • *Personalised attention
    *Priority E-mail Support
  • *2 x one on one personal phone or video calls to excel your training or solve problems sooner

Behavioural Consultations

Behavioural consultations will not be in home for now. However, we can still do them online. As long as you have a device with internet and a camera we can still meet. In other words, we’ll use a video conference instead.
There is no reduction in the quality of service just because we can’t be face to face.

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Online Dog Training

COVID-19 restrictions are forever changing. It may be permissible to conduct a one on one dog training lesson at the time of writing. However, conditions do change. Therefore, if you need help training your dog you can still get help online.
All of our usual private dog training options are available as distance education. We can use video conferencing technology to train together online.
You can:

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Got Questions? Contact Me

Your patience is appreciated. The website will be updated daily with new information and offerings. If you don’t see what you need right now just get in touch. We’re very happy to answer your questions. We can advise how we can help you and your precious pooch during these difficult times.

What is your puppy or dog doing? What would you like help with?