New Puppy Training Courses

The indoor venue has said we can go back to training. So puppy training courses are scheduled to commence again soon. We’ll be in training in Hebersham instead of St Clair for now. All training is done in accordance with NSW Public Heath Orders. We are a COVID-SAFE business.

We’re Back. Lets Celebrate!

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Your puppy training course options

Whatever you decide to go with – it’s best to get started sooner rather than later. Studies like this show that early foundation training and socialisation has a positive impact on puppy and guardian’s life long term.

Dogs who missed out on puppy preschool run by a real canine behaviour professional are more likely:

  • to be dog-dog aggressive
  • have a fear of objects, sounds, unfamiliar situations
  • and have touch sensitivity e.g. issues with grooming and veterinary examinations

I’m a canine behaviour expert with a special interest in preventative training for puppies. So there are lots of different puppy training courses to cater to different ages, abilities, time and budgets. First check your puppy’s age then read more about the classes you can attend.

How old is your puppy?

My puppy is 8 to 14 weeks old

Great news! There are a lot of puppy training courses and socialisation options for your puppy!

Turbocharge Training

  • Puppy preschool
  • In person Monday and Thursday nights
  • Our premium all inclusive course

Online Training Only

  • Self-guided courses starting at $69
  • Or Join in live online from your home
  • Includes socialisation tips

Supercharge Socialisation

  • Social only. Sessions from $35 ea
  • No ongoing commitment
  • Monday and Thursday in Hebersham

My puppy is 15 to 24 week old

Kindy Puppy training class is specifically designed with older puppies in mind. Especially those who may have missed out on puppy preschool for various reasons.

It’s on Saturday mornings in Hebersham. Small class sizes. Basic obedience manners, socialisation and problem prevention and problem solving topics. Learn more and Sign up on our Kindy Puppy Training page

Summer the dog learns to walk nicely on leash in the Kindy Puppy Training Course
Summer learning to walk nicely on leash

My puppy is 6 to 12 months old

If your puppy is 6 months to 12 months old you are able to come to our Big School Puppy Training Class.

Puppies in this age range are going through the start of adolescents. This is a challenging time for some! You’ll be wondering what happened to your cute little puppy who used to come when called?

Whether you are struggling with your puppy because you missed out on preschool due to Coronavirus restrictions. Or whether you want to keep training your puppy to a higher level – Big School can cater to your needs.

Basic obedience and good manners are all covered along with troubleshooting topics. We also provide a safe environment to learn about ongoing socialisation.

What if I can’t come to a puppy training course?

If you can’t make it in person there are online training options. Or I can come to you for personal help. There are one on one in home private training lessons or behavioural consultations.