In home dog training is available to residents in Greater Western Sydney. This is also known as 1 on 1, or one on one dog training. Or private dog training lessons.

Miss Behaviour Dog Training Services has a variety of package options to suit your needs and finances. Including face-to-face, blended and online learning.

Do you have serious issues that require a dog behaviourist? Naughty or nuisance behaviours you don’t know how to stop? Or do you just need regular training to have the best dog possible? Got a puppy you want to get off to the right start?
Discover a range of in home dog training packages below.

Aggressive dog growling and snarling

Behaviour Consultation + Behaviour Modification & Training Package

For problem behaviours that involve aggression, fear & anxiety. Behaviours that are abnormal and pose a risk to health and safety.

In home dog behavioural training

Bespoke Dog Training Package (in home or zoom)

Manners and obedience issues are best solved with a bespoke dog training package. Tailored help to focus on what matters most to you.

General Puppy Training

If you can’t make a group class, you can get in home puppy training instead. Follows a fixed format with individual attention. For 8 to 20 week old puppies.

Puppy with family on swing

Puppy Plus

A special in home service for puppies who are 8 to 16 weeks old. Learn directly from the professional when it comes to raising your puppy right.

Where can I get in home dog training?

In home dog training is available to residents in most parts of Greater Western Sydney. This includes all of Penrith, and some suburbs in Blacktown, Liverpool, Fairfield, Cumberland, Hawkesbury and Lower Blue Mountains council areas. Extra travel fees will apply for out of area.

A map of in home dog training service area in Greater Western Sydney
Service area is within the highlighted yellow ring on this map

What is 1 on 1 dog training?

1 on 1 dog training means one on one. That is, it is only you, your dog and the trainer. There are no other students vying for attention. This can be in home dog training, or at another location. e.g. your local park, or in private at the training location in Hebersham.

Private dog training lessons

1 on 1 (or one on one) is also known as Private dog training lessons. This can be 1 on 1 in home dog training, or online over zoom. Private lessons are sometimes available at the training location in Hebersham too.