Puppy Socialisation

Supercharged Socialisation is just one of our puppy training options. It focuses on just puppy socialisation.

Are you an experienced pet parent? Think you’ve got what it takes to train and raise a puppy without running into trouble with those pesky puppy problems? Do you know how to prevent jumping up, biting, digging, chewing, fear, and aggression? Know how to train sit, mat, attention, name, come, walk on leash, stay or leave items?

No? You better join the Turbocharged Training Puppy Preschool Program or Express Puppy Preschool

Yes? Then a Supercharged Socialisation class might be for you!

You can opt to join the Supercharged Socialisation only. This is also great when you are attending another puppy preschool that only runs once per week. If you want to get in more controlled positive exposures to other people and dogs in a safe environment, then you’re welcome to come for Supercharged Socialisation.

What do I get at a Supercharged Puppy Socialisation Lesson?

A canine behaviour expert that’s here to guide you around the traps that most novice owners and trainers fall into. It’s all about how to safely create positive exposures to people, dogs, and the wider world. This is proactive preventative socialisation training. Incorrect socialisation that yields only neutral or negative results is just as bad as under-socialisation. This leads to dogs being shy, fearful or aggressive as they get older.

In these 50-minute fun sessions we cover socialisation topics like:

  • Kids toys, wheeled objects
  • Surfaces and obstacles
  • People and appearances
  • Handling for Grooming and Veterinary Procedures
  • Sounds and other situations

Puppies will get controlled, safe, positive socialisation experiences around people and other dogs.

Each session has a different theme. See the bottom of page for proposed schedule.

No ongoing commitment.

You can come to 1 Supercharged Socialisation Session only. If you want your pup to put their best paw forward, sign up today.

When you sign up to Supercharged Socialisation you also get an online Induction that covers:

  • how dogs learn
  • training methods
  • teach your dog their name
  • train your dog go to their mat
  • What socialisation really is
  • How to safely socialise your puppy
  • Lots of socialisation ideas
  • How to tell if it’s play or fighting
  • What does good dog-dog play look like
  • Are dog parks the answer
  • Safety message
  • Where to go and what to bring

We’re all about safety in puppy preschool, so whilst the online introduction is super helpful and great value, it’s also compulsory.

Who can come to Supercharged Socialisation?

  • Puppies who are 8 to 16 weeks old
  • Have had at least 1 vaccination and a vet check
  • Puppies who are healthy
  • It is a current condition of entry that:
    *All persons must be 16 years or over
    *Must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19
    *Wear a face mask indoors
    Unless medical exemptions apply
  • Max 3 people per puppy at this stage

When is it?

Supercharged Puppy Socialisation sessions are on Saturday mornings 8:10am
They are 50 minutes long.

Where is it?

Hebersham Scout Hall. Floors are mopped with disinfectant and only healthy puppies with vaccinations have been there.

How much is it?

$40 per session

How do I sign up?

Classes are open enrolment so that means you can start anytime subject to capacity. There may be 1 to 6 puppies at any of our classes.
Select a date you want to come to your first lesson, and click continue. Fill in your details and puppy’s details & make payment.

After you sign up you will be enrolled into the online induction which you need to complete before you come.

Remember to attend:
*All persons must be 16 years or over
*Must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19
*Wear a face mask indoors

Your puppy must be 8 to 16 weeks old on the dates that you attend.

Proposed class theme schedule (subject to change)

Puppy Socialisation Sessions each have a different theme

15/1/22 – Wheeled objects, people & appearances, bonus training topic greeting people & jumping up

22/1/22 – Health handling, sounds

29/1/22 – Obstacles & surfaces, bonus training topic enrichment

Miss Behaviour Dog Training Services is registered as a COVID-SAFE business. I have completed the training for the Control of Coronavirus. I follow all guidelines for safety, cleaning and hygiene. Our classes have a small number of people and dogs and are always socially distanced.

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