What is Puppy Preschool Express?

Puppy Preschool Express is everything you know and love about Puppy Preschool – in an express format. Perfect for those with a money and time budget.
Traditional puppy preschools meet once a week over a 4 to 6 week period. In these uncertain times where we see snap lock downs – that is just not feasible. What we’ve also learned since the pandemic started is that online learning is convenient and effective too.
That’s why I have created the Puppy Preschool Express format for puppies who are 8 to 14 weeks old. This is a blended learning experience with online and in person classes.

German Shepherd Puppy in Puppy Preschool exploring skateboard

How long does it go for?

  • Each lesson is 1 hour long.
  • This group class is run over a 2 week period only. You get 4 lessons.
  • Tuesday nights are live online from the comfort of your own home.
  • Saturday mornings are in person together in Hebersham.

When can I start?

Anytime subject to class capacity. You could start on a Tuesday or Saturday and are finished within 2 weeks.
The classes are open enrolment. There can be 1 to 5 puppies in class at a time. People and their puppies are starting and finishing on different dates.
Use the calendar below to book. Dates in bold are available to start on. Click on a date in bold, then click continue. Enter your details and your puppy’s details. Make payment securely via PayPal or Stripe.

What will I learn?

You are going to learn:

  • How dogs learn so you know how best to train them to get them to do what you want
  • Dog communication – what your dog is trying to tell you
  • Prevention and problem solving methods for nuisance behaviours
  • Safe socialisation techniques and ideas

Your puppy will learn:

  • Sit
  • Lie down
  • Go to place/mat/bed
  • Respond to their name
  • Give attention to you
  • Come
  • Walk on leash

What do I get?

  • Canine behaviour expert instructor
  • Access to our online learning platform for 10 weeks
  • Extra videos, written instructions and easy to understand handouts
  • 4 lessons
  • 10% off future dog training group classes
  • All of this for just $130

When is it?

Every Tuesday night 7.30pm – 8.30pm online in your home (training focused Tuesdays),
and Saturday mornings 8.30am – 9:30am (Socialisation focused Saturdays) in Hebershem (Blacktown)

Puppy preschool early obedience cue training
Early training for puppies

How does it work?

  • Select the date you want to start your first lesson on from the booking calendar below
  • You’ll be manually enrolled into your following classes
    (e.g. if you selected to start on a Saturday, I’ll send you e-mail confirmation of the dates for your next Tuesday and Saturday classes
    (e.g. Select Saturday. This is your first lesson you’ll come to class in Hebersham. The following Tuesday you’ll learn training techniques online from home. The next Saturday you’ll come to class in Herbersham for socialisation. Then the next Tuesday you’ll finish up your last live online class)
  • You’ll be given access to the online learning portal. Your log in details are sent by e-mail.
  • There is some pre-coursework that needs to completed BEFORE your first lesson. There’s a short safety induction so get onto that straight away.
  • Tuesday nights are live online. We use ZOOM. You need a device with a working camera and microphone. This can be a laptop, tablet or phone. You get 2 x Tuesday night classes.
  • Saturday mornings are in Hebersham. You get 2 x Saturday morning classes.
  • You’ll need a mat or towel for your puppy to station on, a flat collar or harness, a leash, food for your puppy and a training treat bag. You’ll also be encouraged to bring some items for socialisation if you have them.
    If you don’t have a treat bag you can purchase one by selecting it on the booking calendar below which includes delivery. Or purchase it from me in class (cash on pick up)


What’s the fuss? Is Puppy Preschool really that important?

YES attending a properly run puppy preschool with a canine behaviour expert is essential.

Puppies who are in their critical period of socialisation window at 8 to 14 weeks old need to be handled with care, therefore experiences during this phase can make or break a puppy. It’s the time to identify and get on top of abnormal or nuisance behaviours.
That’s why puppy preschool should only be run by canine behaviour experts. Not shop clerks, animal attendants, vets or nurses with no study, qualification or training in behaviour. 

Time is of the essence. The critical window for socialisation isn’t open forever, it’s closing by 12 to 16 weeks of age. You need to enrol your puppy in preschool now to harness the power of early quality socialisation and foundation training under the guidance of an expert and set your puppy up for success.

Once your puppies socialisation window has closed – you can’t get it back.
Dogs are more likely to be euthanised for preventable behavioural problems than Parvovirus. You can prevent serious behavioural problems by attending a quality puppy preschool and participating in early training and socialisation.

Is it safe?

Safe for your puppy: Young puppies may have maternally derived antibodies that protect them or they may have received vaccinations that protect them.
Rest assured our premises are only visited by dogs whose vaccination status is known. No sick dogs have been there. It is on a hard surface that is cleaned beforehand with disinfectant that kills Parvovirus.

Class sizes are small. Your puppy will never be overwhelmed, picked on, bullied or forgotten about. Your expert instructor makes sure your puppy is behaviourally well and will not suffer from a detrimental experience most puppies suffer in poorly run preschools.

I see dog-reactive fearful/aggressive dogs who didn’t have a positive, safe socialisation experience as a puppy. Many unruly puppies went to a class that wasn’t run by a behaviour expert in a pet shop or vet practice.
Prevention is easier and cheaper than cure. That’s why I offer so many different puppy training classes!

Safety for you: We’re a COVID-SAFE business. Registered and insured.

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