Kindy is Puppy Training for older puppies 15 weeks to 24 weeks old

Puppy Training specifically designed for puppies who are 15 weeks to 24 weeks old who may have missed going to puppy preschool for various reasons. It’s not too late to get the training, help and support you need so that your puppy can grow up to be a happy well-adjusted adult and much loved member of the family.
Kindy puppy is also great if you didn’t get to attend the best puppy preschool with Miss Behaviour Dog Training Services, and are still having issues with your puppy.

What will you learn?
Prepare your puppy for a lifetime at your side. Help them reach their full potential.
At the end of the course you will be able to understand how:
Dogs learn
Dogs communicate
Safely socialise your puppy
Problem solve and prevent problems

Teach basic obedience behaviours
Behaviours you will learn include:
The start of leash manners
Go to mat/place
Handling for grooming and vet visits

Get help with nipping, biting, chewing, toilet training, pulling on leash and more.

Your puppy is growing up so fast and will be full size before you know it. Don’t leave naughty behaviours unresolved – they won’t grow out of it!

Puppy training is essential. Your puppy will grow in physical size very quickly so you don't want naughty puppy behaviours becoming permanent adult bad habits
Puppies are hard work!

You will receive a hands free treat training bag, and a training clicker and some sample treats. Helpful handouts, written instructions and videos.
You get 5 consecutive weeks of lessons:
1 x online introduction lesson
4 x 1 hour in person coaching with your puppies

Classes are open enrolment – this means that you can start anytime the class is offered subject to class capacity.

Learn from a Canine Behaviour Expert – I’m a professional, qualified, force free trainer. I can’t wait to see you and your puppies in class 🙂

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