Kindy Puppy Training (Blended Learning Class)

Kindy Puppy Training is for puppies who are 15 – 20 weeks old. These puppies may have missed out on going to puppy preschool for various reasons. It’s also great for puppies who did go to a different preschool, but want continued socialisation and training.

It’s not too late for help

Puppies who are 15-20 weeks old typically still need help with their:

  • Training. Basic manners are important.
  • Socialisation. They can become fearful at this age if not already positively socialised before 12 weeks old.
  • Problem prevention. Yes, these puppies may still be nipping, biting or mouthing. Chewing the wrong objects. Toilet training issues.

Supercharge your puppy socialisation

Thursdays are our socialisation time. You will spend the evening giving your puppy safe socialisation experiences, in the presence of other dogs and people. Fully concentrated on socialisation so you and your puppy get the most out of it you can.

You get three socialisation sessions over three weeks. Maximum effort for maximum results. These puppy classes are face-to-face in Hebersham.

Each lesson, there are different socialisation themes to give your puppy a wide range of experiences. In a clean, safe, controlled environment. You’ll get lots of guidance about:

  • What socialisation is
  • What you need to socialise your puppy to
  • How to socialise effectively
  • What good dog-dog play looks like

What you really need is a dog you can walk down the street confidently. One that isn’t going to have a fearful or aggressive response, freaking out at every dog and person they see. A dog that is happy to be near other dogs and people. But not a dog that has no manners, so happy and confident, that they’ll pull you towards every dog they see yanking your shoulder out of its socket and causing you much embarrassment!
Would you rather a dog who loves people and other dogs, but can still pay attention and listen to you?

Off lead puppy lies down calmly while other puppies play wrestle

Get the best of both worlds

I’ve been using online training, even before COVID-19 continually shut everything down. But what I discovered during the pandemic is that online puppy training is very effective, and it’s had it’s time to show proven results. For puppies who are 15-20 weeks old, it’s actually better for them than the face-to-face classes.

That’s why I’m going to give you exactly what you need. A course that has 2 streams of focus: Socialisation Thursdays face to face and Training Tuesdays

Train your puppy, what you need, where you need it most

Manners training for your puppy on Tuesdays

We’re going to do the training online on zoom, at home. Why?

  • Puppies in this age range learn their manners better at home
  • Training is faster and more effective at home
  • You get success sooner, and it’s less frustrating, more fun
  • It makes sense to train your puppy, in the place they actually need the training to work. That is, your puppy lives in your house and you need them trained in your house
  • Puppies don’t tend to do silly things, like nip you, when they’re in the hall for face-to-face classes. But they will do it at home, they don’t know the trainer is watching them! So I can give you instant coaching for the problems as they happen.
  • You get to save yourself some travel time, costs, and stress by doing this training part of the course from home

How long is the course?

This is an express course. If you already missed out on puppy preschool – you just don’t want to keep waiting. Lets give you and your puppy the most amount of help we can, the soonest we can. Why wait to complete a normal dog training course in 4 to 7 weeks? Your puppy could be 5 to 7 months old by then. You’re waiting to deal with issues. And the effectiveness of early socialisation is lost.

  • This course goes for 3 weeks
  • You have a compulsory self-guided online safety induction, with pre-coursework to complete before your first lesson
  • Then there are a total of 6 lessons
  • There are 3 x 60mins zoom training sessions on Tuesday nights
  • And 3 x 60mins face-to-face socialisation sessions on Thursday nights

What your puppy will learn

We’ll train basic skills so that your puppy has some nice manners.

  • Respond to their name
  • Pay attention when asked
  • Automatic sit manners
  • Go to a place, like a mat, bed or crate
  • Relax and settle in place
  • Come when called
  • Walk on lead with you
  • Touch / Target (it’s super handy)
  • Give, take, or leave an item when requested

What you will learn

  • How dogs learn, so you know how best to teach them (dog psychology)
  • Dog communication. Because you don’t have to be a ‘dog whisperer’ to know what dogs are saying.
  • What socialisation is
  • How to safely socialise your puppy
  • The key to preventing problems behaviours (e.g. nipping, chewing, jumping up, toilet training etc)

You get access to the online learning platform. This includes the how-to videos, helpful handouts with written instructions and other training tidbits.

Who can do this course

  • Puppies who are 15 to 20 weeks old at the commencement of the course
  • They must be in healthy condition and had at least 2 vaccinations
  • Puppies that can be within 3 metres of another dog or person (if your puppy constantly barks, or tries to run away they might be too scared for class just yet and I recommend private training instead. Contact me first if you are unsure.)
  • Max 4 persons per dog to comply with social distancing. You should be vaccinated against covid-19. Children under 12 should be supervised by an additional adult.
  • There are a maximum of 5 dogs per class for quality and safety.

When, where, how much

  • Tuesday 7:00pm on zoom in your home & Thursday 7pm in Hebersham
  • $235
  • See booking calendars below for current start dates and availability. If there is no information showing then the class is full. Contact me to find out info on future classes or go on a wait or cancellation list.

Accessibility and Participation requirements


To participate in zoom classes you will need

  • A portable device. E.g. laptop, tablet or phone
  • That device has a working camera and microphone
  • And that device has fast, stable internet connection
  • You may need a tripod, home made tripod, or something to lean your device on to get the right viewing angle
  • A room where you have 2 metres space, and can be seen on camera standing or sitting down
  • Chair, seat or lounge
  • A large room, open plan space, or hallway with 5 metre line of sight
  • If you do not have a large room or hallway: You can pick a space outside (e.g. verandah, patio, carport, garage etc. Be mindful you’ll need appropriate lighting and shelter if it rains. Check your wifi or 4G/5G connection is good in that area.
General puppy training equipment:
  • A collar or harness, with leash
  • Towel, mat, or bed for your puppy to lie on
  • A treat bag, or bum bag is recommended (you can purchase from me if you need to)

The course is presented in English. Videos are in English and at this time are not captioned. Written handouts are in English.
There is ramp access to the facility for socialisation days and disabled toilet amenity
If you have a disability and would like to check if reasonable adjustments can be made to training exercises that will meet your needs do not hesitate to contact me


The next class starts Tuesday 23rd August
Tuesday nights are at home via zoom. They go for 1 hour 7:00pm-8:00pm. You will attend 3 x Tuesdays 23/8, 30/8, 6/9
Thursday nights are in Hebersham face to face. They go for 1 hour 7:00pm-8:00pm. You will attend 3 x Thursdays 25/8, 1/9, 8/9

This class is for puppies born between 31/3/22 – 11/5/22

Enrolments open now and close 19th August unless sold out prior


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