Puppy Plus – Get an In Home Puppy Trainer

Do you need an in home puppy trainer? The Puppy Plus in home puppy training package is for those who want to get their puppy off on the right paw. And have less hassles later.
Maybe you’re already pulling out your hair, with your 8 to 16 week old puppy? Despair no longer.

Who is Puppy Plus for?

  • People who live in the service area of Greater Western Sydney
  • If you have an 8 to 16 week old puppy
  • Need in home puppy training for a few specific problems (like nipping / biting / mouthing, and toilet training)
  • Astute puppy owners who want the best
  • Those who want to set them and their puppy up for success

Why is raising a puppy so hard?

As an in home puppy trainer, I know the struggle is real.

Time and time again, I hear human parents say that having their baby was easier! The good news is, your puppy will grow up a lot faster than a human child. The bad news, it’s a lot more full on in a shorter period of time.

Think of your puppy as a visitor from a different time and a foreign land. They don’t speak your language. You don’t speak theirs. And your customs are totally different.

They don’t speak English, or your first language. They speak with their bodies – so you’ve got to learn to interpret body language. Learning a second language takes time.

Puppies were not born knowing where to go to the toilet, when to go and how to get there. Accidents will happen. They are peeing and pooping machines. You will be surprised how often your puppy can wee.

They will put everything in their mouth. You will not notice how many cigarette butts and chewing gum, or other litter is on the ground until you have a puppy.

Plus, they’re teething and love chewing everything and anything. Because as you know, puppies put everything in their mouth. But they don’t know what is good and safe to chew on, or what is precious property.

Two people having fun playing with their puppy

IMAGINE IF YOU COULD GET THROUGH PUPPY-HOOD WITH LESS HASSLE AND LESS PROBLEMS. Enjoy life with your puppy when you get an in home puppy trainer.

They’ll tire you out

Puppies can go a million miles an hour. They’ll be zooming all over the placed as if they’re possessed by a devil. They’ll start nipping at you for no apparent reason.

Then they’ll have a nap. And pee and poo everywhere, and zoom all over the place and get bitey again. Repeat.

They’re not used to sleeping alone, so might cry. They can’t hold their bladder overnight, so might cry. Your puppy isn’t on the same sleep and wake schedule as you. It can be exhausting.

On top of all of this, they need to be mostly socialised before they are 12 weeks old. And fully socialised to everything in the big wide world (not just other dogs) by the time they are 16 weeks old.
That’s only 4 to 8 weeks to try fit in a lifetimes worth of experiences.

What can you help me with?

I know you’re tired. Sometimes you love your puppy to death. And sometimes you’re frustrated to death! But I can help alleviate some of your worries.

Just knowing what to do is half the battle. There are so many old school theories and old wives tales still pervasive in todays modern world. They have no place here. Unfortunately, if you try google, you will get a billion hits of garbage.

I’m here to give you the current best practice when it comes to puppy raising and training. Stop wasting your time online searching for answers. Or losing time with trial and error.

In home puppy trainer to the rescue!

The Puppy Plus in home puppy training package is excellent when you need practical advice. In the moment, where the problem is, when the trouble is happening. As an in home puppy trainer I can help you with:

  • Setting up a puppy area
  • Puppy proofing the house
  • How to use a crate
  • How to use a puppy pen
  • Sleeping at night
  • Toilet training / house training
  • Getting puppy used to being home alone
  • Managing kids and dogs
  • Training kids and dogs
  • What to train the puppy in order of importance
  • How to train the puppy in easy steps
  • How often to train
  • Managing and preventing chewing of forbidden objects
  • Training puppy to chew on their own things
  • How to manage and prevent puppy nipping / biting / mouthing
  • What to do when the puppy starts biting
  • How to stop puppy nipping
  • Appropriate exercise
  • What socialisation is
  • How to safely socialise a puppy, even when they haven’t had all of their vaccinations yet
  • Teach puppy how to relax
  • Getting their attention & focus
  • Stop jumping up
In home puppy trainer can teach your puppy to pay attention


How much is in home puppy training? What do you get?

What’s included

The in home puppy trainer package, Puppy Plus, consists of:

  • An online induction with pre-coursework.
  • Access to the Standard online only puppy training course – all of the how-to videos, helpful handouts, written instructions. Contains all of the manners and obedience training. Socialisation tips. Problem prevention topics. Don’t waste your life googling away – save time and money by having all of the info available at your fingertips.
  • That includes the Learn to Earn program. Complete lessons to earn coins. Redeem them for food, treats, toys, free and discounted private training.
  • A 5 hour in home training experience

That’s right, a whole 5 hours with a professional in home puppy trainer!

Many people choose to participate in the group class puppy training options, or do the puppy training course one on one in home. In these classes we fit a lot of general information in over many lessons.
Though, some people can struggle to implement this information in a practical way. When you come to a group class face-to-face in Hebersham, your puppy isn’t nipping you right then and there, they’re not chewing on your stuff, and they aren’t peeing on your carpet. But they do that stuff at home! Therefore, it makes sense that if you want to address these specific issues, we train in the place where it’s happening. In your home.

Usual one on one in home dog training sessions go for 1 hour. That’s usually fine to go over training, or address issues with an older dog. However, when you’re with a puppy 1 hour isn’t long enough to go through the cycle. You know, the sleep, wake up, pee, poo, go a million miles hour, chew and bite phase.

If you want to know the best way to manage and train your puppy over most of the day you need a long session. I’ll show you all the right moves to make at the right time. To tame your canine wild child.

Price and Purchase

It’s easy to book an in home puppy trainer experience. Whether you need a weekday or a weekend. Appointments are booked and paid for online in the one transaction.

In home puppy trainer costs

The Puppy Plus package is amazing value. The weekday option costs just a little more than a group class, but a tiny fraction or regular in home dog training hourly prices.
If you live outside of the service area, additional travel fees apply. please contact me before booking to confirm.

Weekday Puppy Plus Package

Appointment times are on a weekday only.

Available Wednesdays 8am-1pm or 9am-2pm

Weekend Puppy Plus Package

Appointment times are on a weekend only.

Available some Sundays 9am-2pm


In home puppy training is available in Penrith and Blacktown. And some suburbs of these LGAS: Lower Blue Mountains, Liverpool, Hawkesbury, Cumberland.

The service area is within the yellow ring marked on this map. Additional Out of area travel fees apply – contact me for a quote.

A map of in home dog training service area in Greater Western Sydney


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