What is dog training?

Dog training is for those who want to teach their dogs new things, so that you can have a well-behaved dog with good manners. These skills can also help you with problem behaviours that have become bad habits.
Things you can learn include:
Come when called, walk nicely on leash, give attention, listen to you, greet people politely without jumping up, sit, lay down, stand, stay, go to bed/mat, use a crate, give/drop item, leave item, take item, house training, toilet training and fun tricks.

Dog Training Options

You can receive dog training lessons in a group class setting, or receive one on one tuition.

Group Classes

Group lessons are a cost effective way to get the skills you need to have a well-behaved dog. You will learn a broad range of training techniques and obedience cues. Class sizes are small with only 4 to 6 participants per class for quality and safety. Classes are held in St Clair.

Puppy preschool for puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks old who have had at least 1 vaccination and a healthy check by their vet. 5 lessons.

Puppy preschool dog training class a puppy explores the ball bit
Socialisation and exploration fun in puppy preschool

Kindy Puppy especially designed for puppies who have had at least 2 vaccinations are 15 weeks to 24 weeks old. Excellent class if you missed out on puppy preschool. 5 lessons.

Kindy puppy training class a dog learns to sit on their mt
Preventing problems with early puppy training is crucial

Private Training

One on one tuition. You can opt for a standalone private training lesson, or add them with a group class to get ahead. Private training can be beneficial if your dog doesn’t do well being near other dogs and people in a group setting. You can also focus on the areas that matter to you most. Each session is 60 minutes long.

My Location
You can receive private training lessons at my location in St Clair near Penrith NSW

Your Home
Private lessons are also available in your home.

In home dog training lessons are available great for busy families
In Home Dog Training

One on one sessions are available at a standard rate in the following suburbs of Penrith, Blacktown, Liverpool and Fairfield. If your suburb is not listed please contact me for availability and rates.
Abbotsbury Agnes Banks Austral Badgerys Creek Berkshire Park Bossley Park Bringelly Caddens Cambridge Gardens Cambridge Park Carnes Hill Castlereagh Cecil Hills Cecil Park Claremont Meadows Colyton Cranebrook Eastern Creek Edensor Park Emerton Emu Heights Emu Plains Erskine Park Glenmore Park Horsley Park Jamisontown Jordan Springs Kemps Creek Kingswood Kingswood Park Leonay Leppington Lethbridge Park Llandilo Londonderry Luddenham Middleton Grange Minchinbury Mount Druitt Mount Vernon Mulgoa North St Marys Orchard Hills Oxley Park Penrith Prairiewood Regentville Ropes Crossing Rossmore Shalvey Shanes Park South Penrith St Clair St Marys Tregear Wallacia Werrington Werrington County Werrington Downs West Hoxton

What dog training is not:

Dog training is for normal dogs who are able to think, and respond in a voluntary matter.

Dog training will not solve problems that are involuntary, emotional responses, that are caused from panic, fear or phobias when your dog is in a flight or fight response.

I offer behavioural support to those who are having more serious problems like those that present as abnormal, pose a risk to the health and safety of the dog and humans, or are causing a serious nuisance.
Behavioural support services are for those may be having issues with separation distress, separation anxiety, resource guarding, multi-dog households, destruction, reactivity (barking and lunging) on leash walks, fears, phobias. Other indications your dog may need help include constant barking, escaping, running away and hiding, house soiling and destroying items when left alone, growling, biting and fighting with other dogs or people.

These kinds of issues require a highly skilled and qualified individual to deal with them. They require an understanding of the laws of behaviour and the psychological principles of operant and respondent conditioning behind them. They need to be able to use applied behaviour analysis to determine the dogs motivation and root cause of the issue in order to modify the behaviour with long term success.

Put simply you need a qualified professional canine behaviour consultant when it comes to such problematic issues. So if you contact me for dog training, and we find that your dog is not suitable for group classes or that a normal dog training lesson won’t fix it – you can still get help. That’s why I have these different service options. Stop shopping around going from one dog trainer to the next. You have all of the support you need at Miss Behaviour Dog Training Services.